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Throughout history, we have chosen to preserve the memory of our loved ones with lasting monuments of stone. No other material can be proven to last so long.

Monuments commemorate the lives of our loved ones, and the emotions others shared with them. As man developed, so too did his monuments.: a pile of rocks over a grave; the pyramids of Egypt; the Taj Mahal; and of course, the burials around a Christian Church, are all examples of early monuments.

From when New Zealand was colonized in the 1940’s, white marble was mainly used to create personal monuments, as they were much less expensive than the harder granite. As better tools were developed, white marble gave way to our existing everlasting granite. The modern monument is a blend of technology and craftsmanship.

The purpose of a memorial is to record a life as a focus for families’ grief. Not only does it provide a quiet place to go and reflect on our ancestors, but it is also a record that a person lived.

At Headstone Warehouse a great deal of care and individual attention is taken in the lettering of a monument, so it can be a fitting tribute to your loved one. The range of possible designs is as broad as the range of peoples lifestyles or desires, so it is possible to create designs to suit the personal wishes of you, the client.

Talk to us and we will tailor that unique monument for you.

Things to consider when choosing a headstone

Selecting a memorial is an important decision. Whether you choose a family monument or a small plaque, it is the meaning the stone symbolizes that holds the significance. The size of it and the choice of finish are secondary. There are various ways to capture the essence of a loved one – for example, a symbol, a flower, biblical quotation or an emblem. By thus using such a design/symbol, a marker can become quite personalized – not just another stone with names and dates inscribed.

Why we use granite

Headstones must be durable, and are made in a large variety of shapes and sizes. They are made from Granite – the most permanent of all natural, quarried stone. It is also one of the hardest stones and the polish will remain forever.

Granite is a natural material with many characteristics and variations of colour. Black, Grey and Green deem to be the most popular, but there are many others to choose from. You are most welcome to view the actual material before any engraving is carried out.

Public Cemetery by-laws may specify sizes of stone that can be used in the Burial or Cremation areas, but as would be expected, we are familiar with these regulations in the Taranaki region.

Some Useful links

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The cost of a Headstone varies widely, depending on the size, shape and colour. Prices range from as little as $300 for a plaque, upwards of whatever your budget may cater for. The average price for a finished burial Headstone and granite base is around $2000-$3000 or $1000-$2000 for a cremation headstone. All our monuments are available in different sizes; usually smaller for cremation memorials, as the ashes plots are smaller. You will see prices for the monuments on our website here, but please feel free to make an enquiry if something isn’t clear to you.

Once a headstone has been chosen, we will prepare a scale proof for you, which will show how the inscription will look on the headstone shape. Once you are happy with the proof, only then do you sign and return it, and work will commence on your chosen memorial.

We have a huge library of artwork and designs, and regularly create new designs to portray a person’s life and interests. Please discuss with us what you have in mind so we can provide that unique personalized monument that will be a fitting tribute to your loved one.

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